Why Your Veterinarian Should Be Fear Free Certified

FEAR-FREE-VETIf you need to take your pet to the veterinarian, many questions may be crossing your mind. Will my pet be traumatized by the experience? Can I trust that my veterinarian won’t put me and my pet through too much stress? Many people have a lot of anxieties about taking their pets to the veterinarian. Thankfully, there is a way to put your mind at ease regarding these issues: Fear Free Certification. Veterinarians can now be Fear Free Certified, meaning they’ve undergone training that guarantees both you and your pet will have a stress-free veterinarian visit. Our very own Medical Director, Dr. Ann Fan, is a certified Fear Free practitioner. Here are five reasons why you should look for Fear Free Certification when choosing your veterinarian:

1. Fear Free Means Your Pet’s Physical and Emotional Well-Being Are A Priority

Obviously, when you take your pet to the veterinarian, you are looking after your pet’s physical well-being. But what about their emotional well-being? Fear Free Training teaches veterinarians to make the emotional well-being of your pet a priority, meaning you can trust that your pet will leave their veterinarian visit both physically and emotionally cared for.

2. Many People Aren’t Taking Their Pets to the Vet Anymore – And That’s a Bad Thing

Because of some of the previously mentioned fears and anxieties people have about taking their pet to the vet, many are choosing to simply skip vet visits altogether. But people acting on those anxieties are costing their pets their well-being, and the Fear Free Certification Program is designed to get people back to the vet so their pets can be happy and healthy.

3. The Fear Free Certification Was Created by Dr. Marty Becker

Who is Dr. Marty Becker? Author of “Chicken Soup for the Pet-Lovers Soul,” the quickest-selling pet book ever, Dr. Becker is also regularly featured in Oprah Magazine, Pet Connection, Good Housekeeping, and has appeared on Dr. Oz’s “The Good Life.” Dr. Becker practices at the North Idaho Animal Hospital and holds several adjunct professor positions at multiple universities. This accomplished individual has taken his many years of expertise and devised an effective training program to help ensure the well-being of your pets during veterinarian visits.

4. Not Many Veterinarians Are Certified Fear-Free

Most of the veterinarians you’ll find during your search for a pet doctor won’t be Fear Free Certified, which means when you find a vet who is, you should keep them in mind.

5. Fear Free Certified Professionals Have Taken the Fear Free Pledge

Taking the Fear Free Pledge means that the individual promises to utilize their Fear Free Skills during every interaction with your pet, and will hold themselves accountable for the emotional and physical well-being of the animal. Both those in the process of receiving Fear Free Certification and those who have already received it take this pledge.

Anyone searching for a veterinarian should put their mind at ease and choose a Fear Free Certified Professional, to better ensure the physical and emotional well-being of their pets. If you are located in the Scottsdale, AZ area, consider DC Ranch Animal Hospital, headed by Dr. Ann Fan, Medical Director of DC Ranch and a Fear Free Certified Professional.

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