At the DC Ranch Animal Hospital Grooming Salon our focus is to create a space where you and your pet feel welcome and appreciated. We offer complete compassionate care, and use only the best natural shampoos, conditioners, and ear cleaners. We use all natural cleaners with essential oils creating a clean, inviting, and peaceful environment. We strive to provide exceptional grooming services at competitive prices and care a great deal about making your dog or cat’s visit with us as comfortable as possible.


Full-Service Dog Grooming:

Full-Service grooming at the DC Ranch Animal Hospital Grooming Salon will keep your pet clean and fresh-smelling, not to mention looking dapper while lounging around the house or attending his or her next social engagement. It’s also essential to maintaining your pet’s health.

A full-service groom includes:

  • deep-cleaning bath
  • brush
  • nail trim
  • ear cleaning
  • anal sac expression when needed (using gentle external pressure)
  • and, of course, a cut and style based on AKC breed standards or the style of your choice

You can see by looking at some of our ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots, what a difference a full-service groom makes!

Because every pet is unique, grooming cost will depend on size, length, type and condition of coat, pet’s level of cooperation, and style desired. We are happy to give you an estimate in person, by phone, or by email.

An additional de-matting charge may apply to extensively matted coats, you will be notified at time of service depending on location and tightness of matts. And as always, please feel free to set a limit on your dog’s grooming session!

Bath & Brush:

Nails, ears, shampoo, conditioner, fluff dry, brush, and comb out.

Sanitary Trim:

Nails, ears, shampoo, conditioner, fluff dry, brush, comb out, pads, privates, hinder, and belly trimmed if necessary or requested.

Nail Trim:

Nail trimming- nail filing included

* Ear hair is removed if necessary, all ears wiped with cleaner

Cat Grooming:

Cats, as those of us who live with them know, require a special touch when handling for nail trimming, brushing or bathing. Our groomers have that special touch and can, with great patience and care, remedy any cat having a “bad fur day!” Cat groom includes nail clipping, ear cleaning, bath and fluff dry, brush, Lion Cut or shave down.

Price depends on cat’s cooperation, coat condition, body type, and style desired.

Veterinarian Supervised:

We know how much your pet’s health, safety, and well being mean to you. That’s why the staff of DC Ranch Animal Hospital is dedicated to making sure that your pet’s grooming experience is pleasant and safe. We have an excellent record of wellness and safety that we do everything within our power to maintain.

We require that all pets are up-to-date on the following vaccines prior to their scheduled grooming appointment. If any of your pets are not up to date on their necessary vaccinations we offer a convenient – day of grooming – drop off appointment with one of our wonderful doctors. Our Client Services Representative will be happy to provide you with more information and a detailed estimate for the medical services required.

  • Rabies


  • Rabies
  • Distemper
  • Bordetella (Kennel Cough)

We will make sure that no pet is admitted to our grooming area with any illness, especially coughing, vomiting, or diarrhea. All pets are safely housed in individual kennels that are routinely disinfected for their protection.