Friendly staff, knowledgeable doctors & always willing to work with us. — Jeanette & Daren L

Awesome. — Shannon D

Our first visit post ownership change and it was wonderful. Dr Fan and her staff are not only knowledgeable but also caring and professional. Full disclosure -when we heard the practice we have visited for 4 years had been sold, we met with others in the immediate area and found we are indeed at the right place for our two Cavaliers! — Sherry & David K

Fantastic. Dc ranch suggested an allergy shot vs giving my dog apoquel. The shot is working so much better. Bambam is sleeping better because he is mire comfortable now. We are sleeping better too. Michelle is an amazing groomer. Virginia is always upbeat and helpful. Dr Fan is so sweet. I’m thrilled with the new staff. So friendly and eager to please. Thank you !! — Amy B

Everyone at this Veterinary hospital is kind, professional, and knowledgeable. We always bring our pets here knowing they will be well cared for. — Jose & Nancy B

Everyone at this office is so warm and caring! — Jennifer

We have lately moved to the area full-time and were looking for a new veterinarian. I had stopped at several locations to get a feel for each one. From the first impression (I’m big on that) DC Ranch was the cleanest and the energy felt right. Donte was right there to greet me with a warm smile. She explained how Dr. Ann Fan is certified as a “Fear-Free” practitioner and that all staff will be going through this same certification. But what I loved the most is that she invited me to stop in at any time without making an appointment to bring my kids in for a tour of the facility and to meet the staff. I would never have thought of going in the clinic un-announced for a walk-through. I was off to the next and final clinic for my first impression, there I asked what I had just been offered at DC Ranch, could we come in anytime without an appointment to do a walk through? NO was the answer that was given from that clinic. So that is truly what sealed the deal for me, Donte going above and beyond with that invitation. I had all intentions of taking the kids in the following week for our visit, but Saturday morning we had a very sore little boy that needed to be seen. I waited until they opened at 8 am and called. I mentioned that I had been in a few days earlier, that we were not registered as patients with them, but could we be seen today. “Absolutely!” We took Jett in at 8:45 greeted by a “Welcome Jett” sign in the private room that awaited him. EVERYONE was exceptional making him feel very welcome. We were delighted with Dr. Kim Crow and her very gentle calming way with Jett. The first thing she did was give him a doggie massage to relax and calm his jittery nerves. Everything was explained to us in detail about what tests she was wanting to run and why and we both felt very confident about what she was suggesting. The fees were very much in line with what other veterinarians charge. The exception is that other clinics may not be open on Saturdays, therefore giving you no other option but going to emergency and paying two to three times as much. My husband and I were very impressed with our first official visit to DC Ranch and know we made the right decision in making them our primary care for our kids. Thank you to the staff at DC Ranch for being so kind and compassionate. It truly shows! — Janine

Michelle, who grooms my Persian cat Lily, does such an amazing job with her lioness shave! Lily loves her and comes home happy with her new look and not having all that fur to clean herself! She enjoys her Spa day!!! -Brad & Lisa

Wonderful! The whole team is caring and compassionate – and they go the extra mile. — Elizabeth

Everyone in office (front desk, tech & vet) were all extremely friendly & welcoming. The vet went out of his way to make my dog comfortable as this was our 1st visit to this office. Spent plenty of time with us & examining my pet. — Sue & Dan

Took good care of our toy poodle Guapo. He is doing fine because of the caring staff. Thank you — Mark & Maria

Buddy was treated like a prince. It’s still warm outside (95 degrees) and he was offered water. And a treat. Even though we just came in to pick up his meds, he was put on the scale to make sure his weight is stable. — Virginia

After 11 years I had to put my Boston Terrier down and the staff did an excellent job helping to provide a comforting and peaceful way for my loved pet to leave this world. He had many visits to the vet and was not scared when he passed which I will always be thankful to the staff. They were very helpful through out the years through good and difficult times — Karen

Fantastic staff and so caring ! Every person at this practice seems very committed to your pets welfare, and great follow-up. Our first Vet experience in many years and it would be good if every Vet ‘s office was as professional as this one.. — Andrew